The Other Waterloo. Not that one.


The Waterloo Merseyrail stop is where you stop when you want to see Gormley’s haunting sculptures on Crosby Sands. Also, the volunteer-staffed Plaza movie theatre down the street is known for “the cheapest pictures tickets in the anywhere, really,” according to an intimate unnamed source. (Plus, the Art Deco building is killer and the folks are kind. We saw Rogue 1 there. The projectionist gave a nearly tearful apology speech when the movie wouldn’t play after 20 minutes of fumbling. The audience applauded his sincerity and, as if on cue, the movie started again.)

In addition, Alien Spouse and I love to hop off in Waterloo town to write in The Write Blend bookstore & coffeeshop. Yesterday, after a full day of earnest scribbling, we toodled across the road for a half pint at Stamps. “Real Ale” is the cry of proto-craft-beer-snobs and their banner flies high in Stamps.


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