Localish Ales



Sometimes, the best thing to do is split 3 fine ales with yer husband, and sing with him as he plays guitar.

Liverpool’s Ship and Mitre bottle shop , Ship in A Bottle, is always worth the visit. (The pub, just down the road, is superb too.) The sleep-deprived new father behind the counter was  very thoughtful in his suggestions, despite not remembering the last time he’d had a good beer. We told him IPAs were my favorite, but that this time of year stouts and porters are on the menu too. These days, you can’t beat USA craft beer for the quality and variety. However, there are plenty tasty, worthy ales that come out of Northern England and London.

Of the three, Toxteth IPA is the standout.

My not-so-snooty tasting notes:

#1. Toxteth IPA : Pleasantly bitter with bright lemon-orangey hops. Body and flavor. Easy drinking. Smooth. Good IPA.

#2: The Spartan Stout: A staunch stout. Smooth, coffee notes, pleasant slight dark-chocolatey bitterness, mildly creamy head. Best by itself or as dessert.

#3: Treacle Stout: As promised by the name, sweeter notes. Dried fruit and pumpernickle-and-jam insinuations. Another on-its-own-or dessert drink, in my opinion.


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